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Whether you come to visit a guest for a day, join us for a short term stay or are one of our valued long-term residents, Gardner Rehab seeks to impress and comfort. When you join our family, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best care, best service and best environment available.

Recently renovated and constantly updated, Gardner Rehab facility boasts the highest level of  highly trained staff, but our dedication to your comfort goes much further than that. We offer separate but equally stunning environs, designed and built from the ground up with your care in mind. Guests staying with us temporarily or indefinitely will find their own entrance, elevator and communal areas, providing the ultimate in privacy and dignity. Well-appointed meeting areas are available for private parties, sun chasers fall in love with our new gazebo and those wishing to be social can enjoy a meal in dining room. Our entire property is climate controlled, but those wishing to brave the great outdoors are thrilled to lounge in our spacious patio gardens. Have your hair done-up in the salon, or seek peace in our chapel. All this can be enjoyed if you choose to leave the comfort of your room, but with privacy, well-appointed furnishings and a flat-screen TV, you may not want to!

In addition to the comfortable living environments explained above, don’t forget to visit the top quality rehabilitation areas as well. Some guests may be so comfortable they’re liable to forget they’re not on vacation! Our main goal is always healing those people trusting us with their health, and our suite of medical therapy options helps deliver that to you or your loved ones. We urge you to come for a tour and see for yourself everything the Gardner Rehab has to offer. You don’t have to wait until you need some place to go for healing – our commitment to the community means we welcome you to visit any time! You’ll be happy you did.


You know those cold, corporate care facilities where everyone marches to the same drum, lights out, chow time and treating people like a number are the norm? Gardner has turned the industry on its head by doing away with all that. The very idea of providing truly nurturing care is forbidden in the health care industry. But not here.

So you want to dictate when you go to bed, wake up, eat a meal or get dressed? At Gardner Rehab, part of your personalized plan of recovery or care includes all of these things, so vital to your dignity. You want your pet to visit you? Absolutely – a wagging tail or soft purr has been proven to lighten spirits. Social opportunities abound at Gardner Rehab; such as morning coffee, support groups, volunteer opportunities and spiritual offerings.

Of course we offer complete counseling services and physical, occupational and speech therapies, but healthcare is more than needles and pills. Taking a holistic approach has worked wonders in the physical realm, and by letting people feel more like themselves we take and advantage of the body’s natural ability to heal. Whether this is your new home or just a home-away-from-home, our dedication to making you feeling welcome, independent and comfortable is the same. That’s what makes people visit time and again and repeatedly provide positive feedback and reviews on our amenities.

Visit Gardner Rehab and let us show you what you get when you become part of our family.


A little about Gardner Rehab
It is the mission of Gardner Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to set the industry standard for quality care and services being provided to our patients and residents. It is our goal to elevate the well being of our patients and residents to a level that will enable them to achieve their maximum potential. We do so by offering our patients advanced rehabilitation services and enhanced nursing care in a modern and clean environment.
59 Eastwood Circle, Gardner MA 01440 [P] 978.632.8776

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